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Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day

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1968 December, 20
25 minutes
Animation / Short / Family
Production Company:


Pooh is back and this time he's gonna blow you away! Almost literally! When Pooh's friend Gopher warns him that it's Winds-Day, Pooh goes off to wish Piglet a Happy Windsday, but Piglet is lifted into the air by the strong winds, Pooh grabs Piglet's sweater string and looks to be flying Piglet like a kite. They arrive at Owl's house, the wind blows it down and Owl inquires as to if Pooh did it. Eeyore agrees to find a new house for Owl, but one night, Pooh get's a visit from an unusual new friend- Tigger, a rambunctious tiger who likes honey but hates it just the same, and warns Pooh of Hefalumps and Woozels that steal honey! But Hefalumps and Woozels are only half of Pooh's worries now, for a huge rain storm has set on the Hundred Acre Wood. Everybody is swimming in their homes. Pooh inadvertently saves Piglet from a waterfall so they have a hero party. Eeyore then barges in and announces he has found a new home for Owl, unfortunately the house he found was Piglet's. But Piglet does a heroic thing and turns over his domicile to Owl, so they have a Two Hero Party and the storm dies down. At least until next Winds-Day. - IMDb

Micimackó lármás napja Hungary
Nalle Puh ja tuulinen päivä Finland
Nalle Puh och den stormiga dagen (Swedish title) Finland
Nalle Puh och den stormiga dagen Sweden
O Ursinho Puff em Ritmo de Aventura Portugal
Ole Brumm og blåsbortdagen Norway
Peter Plys i blæsevejr Denmark
Troppo vento per Winny Puh Italy
Ursinho Puff e o Dia Chuvoso Brazil
Wiatrodzień Kubusia Puchatka Poland
Winnie de Poeh en de Waaibomendag (Dutch title) Netherlands
Winnie l'ourson dans le vent France
Winnie Pu en el bosque encantado Spain
Winnie Puuh und das Hundewetter West Germany
Вінні Пух і негожий день Ukraine
Винни Пух и ненастный день (Russian title) Soviet Union
プーさんと大あらし (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Jon Walmsley [12] Christopher Robin (voice)
Clint Howard [9] Roo (voice)

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