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Mannix (TV series 1967-1975)

Intertect (USA: working title)

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1967 September, 16
60 minutes
Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Considered one of the most violent television series of its era, "Mannix" followed the adventures of L.A. private eye Joe Mannix, who first worked for a detective agency known as Intertect, which relied heavily on computers and a large network of operatives. In the second season, Mannix opened his own agency, with police widow Peggy Fair working for him as his secretary. Each episode featured plenty of fistfights, car chases and shootouts. - IMDb

Intertect (working title) USA
Менникс (Russian title) Soviet Union
マニックス (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Claudio Martínez [11] Bel Air Tiger #23 (TV Episode: A World Without Sundays) (1973)
Dawn Lyn [10] Tina Reynolds (TV Episode: Little Girl Lost) (1973)
Ike Eisenmann [10] Kenny Brooks (TV Episode: The Upside-Down Penny) (1972)
Michelle Stacy [7] Jeanine (TV Episode: Chance Meeting) (1975)
Bobby Riha [13] Steve Brewster (TV Episode: Run Till Dark) (1971)
Pamelyn Ferdin [11] Dana (TV Episode: Fly, Little One) (1970)
Gary Dubin [12] Mark (TV Episode: Run Till Dark) (1971)
Patti Cohoon-Friedman [11] Dottie McNeill (TV Episode: Bang, Bang, You're Dead) (1970)
Philip Frame Dennis Coverly (TV Episode: The Crime That Wasn't) (1971)
Stephen R. Hudis [16] Arleigh Paul (TV Episode: The Gang's All Here) (1973)
Christine Matchett [11] Karen Shapiro (TV Episode: Edge of the Knife) (1968)
Debbie Lytton [7] Ellie (TV Episode: Desert Run) (1973)
Stephen Manley [10] Peter Graham (TV Episode: A Ransom for Yesterday) (1975)
Lindy Davis [17] Ox (TV Episode: The Gang's All Here) (1973)

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