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Heroes (TV series 2006-2010)

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2006 July, 22
45 minutes
Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller


People all over the U.S start to realize they have special abilities, like telekinesis, healing abilities, flying powers, time travel, invisibility, and the ability to absorb other's abilities. One man, known as Sylar, wants to gain all the power of these "heroes" so he can be the most powerful and evolved human of all, and stops at nothing to gruesomely kill these people. In order to protect themselves from him, these people must help one another before Sylar can destroy them all, while they each deal with problems of their own. - IMDb

Eroii Romania
Giborim (Hebrew title) Israel
Héroes Spain
HEROES (Japanese title) Japan
Herois (Catalan title) Spain
Heróis Brazil
Herojai Lithuania
Heroji Slovenia
Heroji Croatia
Herosi Poland
Hősök Hungary
Hrdinové Czech Republic
Hrdinovia Slovakia
Kahramanlar (Turkish title) Turkey
Nhung Nguoi Hung Vietnam
Ήρωες Greece
Герои Russia
Герои (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Хероји Serbia
英雄 (Mandarin title) China
超異能英雄 Taiwan
超能英雄 (Mandarin title) China

Children's Cast:

Kiernan Shipka [8] Little Girl in Fire (TV Episode: Chapter Eight 'Four Months Ago...') (2007)
Sydney Sweeney Little Girl (TV Episode: Chapter Four 'Hysterical Blindness') (2009)
Noah Gray-Cabey [11] Micah Sanders (TV Episode: Chapter Eleven 'I Am Sylar') (2006)
Hayden Panettiere [17] Claire Bennet (TV Episode: Chapter Eighteen 'Brave New World') (2006)
Adair Tishler [10] Molly Walker (TV Episode: Chapter Four 'I Am Become Death') (2006)
Sam Cohen [10] 11-Year-Old Nathan (TV Episode: Chapter Three 'Acceptance') (2009)
Garrett Ryan [10] Christopher Coolidge (TV Episode: Chapter Two 'Ink') (2009)
Laivan Greene [15] Braces (TV Episode: Chapter Five 'Fight or Flight') (2007)
Bryce Hurless [10] Pistol Petey (TV Episode: Chapter Seven 'Once Upon a Time in Texas') (2009)
Alexa Nikolas [17] Angela Shaw (TV Episode: Chapter Ten '1961') (2009)
Julian de la Celle [13] Young Samuel (TV Episode: Chapter Six 'Strange Attractors') (2009)
Jackson Wurth Monty Petrelli (TV Episode: Chapter Thirteen 'Let It Bleed') (2006)
Thomas Robinson Noah (TV Episode: Chapter Four 'I Am Become Death') (2008)
Jordan Dang Young Ando (TV Episode: Chapter Fifteen 'Pass/Fail') (2009)
Sterling Beaumon [12] Crane Boy (TV Episode: Chapter Twenty 'Five Years Gone') (2007)
Hunter James Mckeever Carnie Kid (TV Episode: Chapter Eleven 'The Fifth Stage') (2009)
Laura Marano [14] Young Alice Shaw (TV Episode: Chapter Ten '1961') (2009)
Joshua Rush [8] Little Sylar (TV Episode: Chapter Seventeen 'The Wall') (2009)
Kaleigh Ryan [8] Fire Breather Daughter 'Jennie' / Fire Breather Daughter (TV Episode: Chapter Six 'Strange Attractors') (2009)
China Anderson [10] Little Girl (TV Episode: Chapter Eleven 'The Fifth Stage') (2009)
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