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The Rookie (TV series)

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2018 October, 16
43 minutes
Comedy / Crime / Drama

When on TV?

30 Jan, 14:05 Viasat 3 Episode 9
30 Jan, 14:25 RTL Klub Episode 6
30 Jan, 15:05 Viasat 3 Episode 10
30 Jan, 18:45 Rai Due Episode Il Falco
31 Jan, 01:30 Viasat 3 Episode 9
31 Jan, 02:10 Viasat 3 Episode 10
31 Jan, 14:05 Viasat 3 Episode 11
31 Jan, 14:25 RTL Klub Episode 7
31 Jan, 15:05 Viasat 3 Episode 12
1 Feb, 01:35 Viasat 3 Episode 11

Starting over isn't easy, especially for John Nolan who, after a life-altering incident, is pursuing his dream of joining the LAPD. As their oldest rookie, he's met with skepticism from those who see him as just a walking midlife crisis. - IMDb

Recrutul Romania
Rekrut Poland
The Rookie: le flic de Los Angeles France
Az Újonc Hungary
Zelenáč Czech Republic
Zelenáč (Slovak title) Czechoslovakia
Zelenáč (Czech title) Czechoslovakia
Zelenáč Czechoslovakia
Zelenáč Slovakia
Новајлија Serbia
Новичок Russia
Новобранецът (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Новобранець Ukraine
菜鳥老警 Taiwan
菜鳥警察大叔 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Madison Horcher Sarah (TV Episode: The Switch) (2018)
Tyler Sanders Logan Hawke (TV Episode: The Hawke) (2018)
Cristian Fagins Wendell (TV Episode: Standoff) (2019)
Paxton Singleton Marco (TV Episode: The Switch) (2018)
Evan Whitten Jacob
River Drosche Cody Ransom (TV Episode: Warriors and Guardians) (2019)
Ryker Baloun [17] Stoned Teenage Boy (TV Episode: Fight or Flight) (2022)
Wesley Kimmel Jake (TV Episode: Greenlight) (2019)