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Corn & Peg (TV series)

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2019 March, 4
Animation / Adventure / Family / Fantasy
Production Company:

A unicorn and a pegasus, two inseparable best friends, strive to make their world of Galloping Grove a better place. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Christian Distefano [14] Palolo (TV Episode: LemonHay Stand/Hidden Talents) (2019)
Jaiden Cannatelli Corn
Jackson Reid Ferdy
Hattie Kragten Ruby Mcdougal (TV Episode: Backsteed Boys/Trotterball) (2019)
Ava Preston [15] Lemonade Stand Girl / Generic Girl #1 (TV Episode: Buddy Bench/To Taste or Not to Taste) (2019)
Aidan Wojtak-Hissong Slater (TV Episode: Deputy Do Gooders/Horse Play) (2019)
Fabienne Hodge-Carter Pony #3 (TV Episode: A Very Sticker Situation/When Life Gives You Apples) (2019)
Ajanae Stephenson Little Girl (TV Episode: Buddy Bench/To Taste or Not to Taste) (2019)
Ian Ho Hoofer Goalie / Young Boy #2 / Generic Kid / ... (TV Episode: Carrot Club/Mayor Montagu's Party) (2019)
Lukas Engel Chip (TV Episode: Backsteed Boys/Trotterball) (2019)
Shechinah Mpumlwana Peg

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