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Kilig... Pintig... Yanig...

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Drama / Romance / Thriller
Production Company:

Kilig is a teen romantic comedy: the misadventures of four girls - Mitch, Tina, Patrice, and Bea - who visit their hometown for Christmas vacation with a grand plan of revenge on the two boys, Juancho and Miguel, who used to bully them as kids. Their plan, however, seems to backfire as the girls find themselves falling in love with these boys and ending up fighting among themselves! Revenge did not turn out to be as simple as it seemed. The drama Pintig is a story of teenagers, young adults, and children who have aspirations and dreams of being cast as commercial models in an ad agency. As the story progresses, every character would be compelled to make certain decisions as conflicts of interests arise, getting in the way of their dreams. Yanig is a suspense-thriller: four young people win the chance to be part of a popular reality game show. As part of the competition, they will be locked in a remote house for one month. All they have to do is stay in the house, situated in the middle of nowhere, and then each of them will receive a million pesos. But unknown to them, there's more to the house than meets the eye... - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Nadine Samonte [16] Tina
Isabella De Leon [10]