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Franny's Feet (TV series)

Aka: Τα παπούτσια της Φράνι (Greece)
Director: Joanne Boreham
Year: 2003
Country: Canada
Genre: Animation / Family

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Franny's Feet is about a 5 year old girl who visits her Grandfather's shoe repair shop and tries on a pair of shoes. The shoes take her on an adventure related to the shoes (for example, if she tries on shoes from ancient Egypt, she will go to ancient Egypt). The show is aimed at children 3 to 7. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Daniel Magder [13] Additional Voices
Melanie Tonello [12] Ida / Penny / Katie (TV Episode: Paint Job) (2004)
Mark Rendall [16] Additional Voices
Alexis del Vecchio [15] Gunter (TV Episode: A Pony Tale) (2004)
Scott Beaudin [12] Adam (TV Episode: Paint Job) (2004)
Ana Golja [13] Panda (TV Episode: Pandamonium/Tower Power) (2009)

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