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Di-Gata Defenders (TV series)

Also known as: Di-Gata, les défenseurs (Canada: French title)
Director: Sean V. Jeffrey
Release: 12 Aug 2006
Country: Canada
Genre: Animation

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Di Gata Defenders was a television show that aired throughout the years 2007 2009 in various different continents. The show consisted of 6 Protagonists. and various Antagonists. The Di Gata Defenders were 4 teenagers who were set to defend their realm of RaDos against all the forces of evil that wish to destroy the peace. The 4 Defenders; Melosa, Seth, Kara, and Erik were the first characters introduced. The 4 managed to gain two extra friends. One loyal friend, Rion who happens to be the youngest after Kara is finished off.Rion was made a defender. They also managed to make a on-off friendship with the damaged "son" of one of the antagonists, the sons name is Adam. Adam decided not to become a defender but instead sent out to search for his Bio parents. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Alexander Conti [14] Rion (TV Episode: Nightfall) (2007)
Melanie Tonello [15] Maia (TV Episode: What Lies Beneath) (2007)

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