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Also known as: Lumpolás (Hungary)
Director: Miroslav Hubácek
Release: 9 Dec 1966
Country: Czechoslovakia
Runtime: 83 minutes
Genre: Comedy

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Architect Jirí Donát (Milos Kopecký), a single middle-aged man, is distinguishes from most of his peers, by his beard with which he seems to be hiding his real face. He considers himself an average man professionally, and catastrophe-prone in personal relationships. Pretty and superficial shop assistant Eva (Olga Schoberová) wants to become famous and makes no attempt to hide the fact she expects support and connections from her lover Donát. Donát displeased by this, still tries to win over the director of his organization, an aging, energetic and somewhat mannish woman. First he butters her up with routine flattery, only to lose her sympathy entirely with a tactless request for a modeling job for Eva. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Libuse Zátková [17] Dívka v tramvaji

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