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Duck Dodgers (TV series)

Duck Dodgers (USA)
Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century (USA: long title)

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2003 August, 23
30 minutes
Animation / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Animated sci-fi series based on the alter ego of Looney Tunes star Daffy Duck, the semi-heroic, yet incompetent space captain Duck Dodgers. - IMDb

Duck Dodgers Italy
Duck Dodgers Mexico
Duck Dodgers Singapore
Duck Dodgers USA
Duck Dodgers South Africa
Duck Dodgers Australia
Duck Dodgers Brazil
Duck Dodgers Canada
Duck Dodgers West Germany
Duck Dodgers Ecuador
Duck Dodgers Spain
Duck Dodgers United Kingdom
Duck Dodgers Greece
Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century (long title) USA
Kačer Dodgers Czechoslovakia
Kaczor Dodgers Poland
Szuperdod kalandjai a 24 1/2 században Hungary
Дак Доджерс Russia
Дак Доджерс Ukraine
Дъг Доджърс Bulgaria
ダック・ドジャース Japan

Children's Cast:

Alexander Gould [10] Boy / Young Son (TV Episode: Deathmatch Duck/Deconstructing Dodgers) (2004)
Taylor Lautner [13] Reggie Wasserstein / Terrible Obnoxious Boy (TV Episode: Good Duck Hunting/Consumption Overruled) (2005)