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Kouzla králu (TV)

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2008 December, 24
Czech Republic
92 minutes
Family / Fantasy / Musical
Production Company:

This is the story of two kingdoms. The king of the first empire is called Vladan. He is regarded as evil and vindictive. His many wars have brought pain and misery to the country. Life in king Dobromil's kingdom is totally different. His kingdom is situated at the end of the great lake. He takes great care of his country and his subjects appreciate it. The magic hidden in the Ruby Heart protects his kingdom. From time to time, the monarch also seeks advice from the portrait of his deceased wife. There are two more highness-es: the Queen of Fire and her sister, the Queen of Water. They have been in conflict with one another for years. The Queen of Fire is keen to get hold of the Ruby Heart. She hopes to finally make peace with her sister. The Queen of Fire devises a plan. She bewitches Mariana, King Dobromil's daughter, and turns her into a flame. Either the surrender of the ruby or the love and the courage of a young man can redeem her from this spell. - IMDb

Königszauber West Germany
Kouzla králů Czechoslovakia
The Magic of Kings  

Children's Cast:

Anna Fialová [13] Rozárka
Josef Weinzettel Prcek