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Days of Wine and Roses

Days of Wine and Roses (Australia)

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1962 December, 25
117 minutes
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Joe Clay is a top-notch public relations man. Anything a client wants Joe can arrange for them, whether it be dancing girls or an article in a prominent magazine. Part of the job however is drinking and Joe's ability to consume alcohol seems boundless. When he meets the very pretty Kirsten Arnasen, she prefers chocolate to alcohol but Joe has a solution to that in the form of a Brandy Alexander (made up of brandy and creme de cocoa). They eventually marry but their love is insufficient to prevent them from the downward spiral that alcohol brings to them. They try desperately to break the habit but continually relapse until only one of them manages to break free. - IMDb

История о двух обыкновенных людях, которые становятся безнадежными алкоголиками. Жена сначала не пила, но потом пристрастилась вслед за мужем. Муж тоже алкоголиком не родился - он выпивал в комании, был умным, веселым, молодым. После свадьбы при стрессах на работе начал регулярно, каждый день пить дома... Жена обожала его, вскоре пить стала и она. Даже рождение дочери не смогло остановить "скатывания в канаву"...

Dagen efter rosorna Sweden
Dager med vin og roser Norway
Dani vina i ruža Serbia
Days of Wine and Roses Australia
Days of Wine and Roses Canada
Days of Wine and Roses Canada
Days of Wine and Roses Ecuador
Days of Wine and Roses United Kingdom
Days of Wine and Roses New Zealand
Days of Wine and Roses USA
Días de vino y rosas Spain
Días de vino y rosas Mexico
Días de vino y rosas Argentina
Dies de vi i roses Spain
Dnevi vina in vrtnic Slovenia
Dni wina i róż Poland
Escravos do Vício Portugal
Hektiske dage Denmark
I giorni del vino e delle rose Italy
Le jour du vin et des roses France
Meres krasiou kai louloudion (transliterated title) Greece
Míg tart a bor és friss a rózsa Hungary
Sake to bara no hibi Japan
Şarap ve gül Turkey
Stärker als alle Vernunft Austria
Die Tage des Weines und der Rosen West Germany
Die Tage des Weines und der Rosen West Germany
Vício Maldito Brazil
Viinin ja ruusujen aika Finland
Zilele vinului şi trandafirilor Romania
Μέρες κρασιού και λουλουδιών Greece
Дни вина и роз Soviet Union
酒とバラの日々 Japan

Children's Cast:

Jennifer Edwards [5] Debbie Clay at Age 5