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Now and Not Later - Embrace the Moment

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2019 June, 29
Biography / Comedy / Drama / Romance
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In our days, when people live in the valley of disbelievers, there is a woman who is sailing on the sea of inspiration with her partner and she is the living example of perseverance. Is everything in our life a matter of perspective? How to stand up from the hopeless situations again and again? Why is it really worth PRESENTING ourselves to others? As a child, Fanny was predicted by physicians to live 18 years. Today, she has passed 30 and lives in a joyful marriage. Her smile is welll-known in her country. During her public speeches she speaks about her own attitude towards life, about the fact that it is your choice what to bring out of it. Her unique style is adored by many, her books are bestsellers. Her husband, Sandor likes to look inside and loves the quiet, though a truly rebellious character, who is the greatest inspiration and motivator of her partner at the same time. The two seemingly separated worlds make a perfect whole, inspiring each other. Howsoever Sandor loves Fanny... - IMDb

Majd helyett MOST - A pillanat értéke (original script title) Hungary
Now and Not Later - Embrace the Moment Hungary

Children's Cast:

Dorka Hais [15] Fanny age 15