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My Rating: /10
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What do we give? What do we get? What is the genetic heritage that is transmitted to offspring? What is the role of a parent in schizophrenia, madness, unlike his child? The story follows a teen girl lost in a deep forest. She seems to be followed, to be in danger. We guess that she's in a world that only her can fell or see. She can see what's around her in a different way. Her perception of things is totally vague and surreal. While we follow her long descent to madness and her struggle trying to contain it, a new character arrives (the Narrator) who only appears in a black room/dark environment. She is a surreal presence, like a ghost. Only her seems to understand what happens. Is she real? Will she help the teen girl to escape and find a peace of mind? Is she a guide? Are the two characters one and only person? Are they related? Mother and daughter. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Anna Lou Castoldi [16]

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