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Tian keng ying lie (TV series)

Eagles and Youngster (United Kingdom)

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2018 August, 30
Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Mystery / Thriller
Production Company:

It's about Zhang Baoqing, a young man who came a long way to Dongbei and tried to find the cure for his teacher, but found himself might already involved in something very dangerous that seemed to connect to the mysterious sky hole. - IMDb

Eagles and Youngster United Kingdom
Eagles and Youngster Norway
Eagles and Youngster USA
Eagles and Youngster  
天坑鷹獵 Taiwan
天坑鹰猎 China

Children's Cast:

Vicky Chen [15] Caigua (TV Episode: 1.1) (2018)
Yiyi Jiang [17] Xiao Hongguo (TV Episode: 1.2) (2018)