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Dad come home (TV series 2013-2014)

Director: Qi Dou
Release: 4 Feb 2013
Country: China
Genre: Comedy

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Ten years after his divorce, Huoqi took his little daughter with his late wife to "break into" his ex-wife's home. The ex-wife and eldest daughter who were harmed by the divorce reacted fiercely and refused to "return home "But stayed in the majestic asylum of her former mother-in-law. As a result, there is no peace in this home. The very falling Huo Kai's character and lifestyle are incompatible with this home. As a result, a series of ridiculous things have been triggered. However, due to Huo Kai's kindness and enthusiasm, her daughter, his ex-wife and even The problem that all the members of this family have troubled themselves. In the end, Huo Kai exposed the purpose of his visit, and he "came home" this time in order to foster her daughter in this home. It was at this point of indignation that his daughter and his ex-wife once again became furious, but everyone found that Huo Kai had already had terminal illness and his young daughter was also unrelated to him. Many years ago, he... - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Zifeng Zhang [12] Huo Cuo

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