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Yo Awesome Awesome (TV series)

Yo Awesome Awesome! (United Kingdom)

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2000 August, 20
Comedy / Drama / Family / Music / Musical

Produced by 5 Apples and Nelvana for CNBC, this fun live-action series will be hosted by Muno, Brooklyn, Jordan, Maren, Jack, and Estuardo, who play everyday at the Yo Awesome Awesome House in Cape Charles. YAA is a new platform for kids' music and will feature videos and live, in-studio performances by popular musicians who visit the Awesome House every week. Each episode of YAA will feature a music video performance by Good Charlotte, Puddles of Mudd, Creed, No Doubt, xbxrx, My Bashed Future, Spoiled Alegbra, Eric Clapton, Green Day, Coldplay, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Emmi, Carlos Santana, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, and Nickelback. - IMDb

Yo Awesome Awesome! United Kingdom
Yo Awesome Awesome! USA

Children's Cast:

Austin Williams [6] Kid (TV Episode: Nature) (2002)
Britt McKillip [10] Kid (TV Episode: Birthday) (2001)
Travis Tedford [13] Kid (TV Episode: Blame) (2001)
Mark Rendall [12] Kid (TV Episode: Dirty Knees) (2000)
Jessica D. Stone [10] Kid (TV Episode: Careful) (2000)
Harrison Chad [8] Kid (TV Episode: Video Tutorial) (2000)
Cole Hawkins [10] Kid (TV Episode: Share) (2001)
Kristen Bone Kid (TV Episode: Party with Yo Awesome Awesome!) (2000)
Amanda Tilson [10] Kid / Jackie (TV Episode: Teeth) (2001)
Brook Jenell Slack [16] Kid