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Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips (Australia)

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2012 January, 6
15 minutes
Short / Comedy
Production Company:

10 year old PAULINE HANSON peels spuds in her DAD's fish & chip shop - and dreams of winning smash TV show Junior Chef of the Universe. When Australian boy wonder of East/West fusion food KEVIN RUDD quits the show, producer KAT chooses charismatic Pauline to take his place. Ecstatic, Pauline fights culinary geniuses BARRY OBAMA, KIM JONG IL and VLAD PUTIN to cook the world's 'Best Multicultural Dish'. But her soggy fish & chips are no match for the brilliant boys, and poncy British host BASTIEN MUMPHRY humiliates her horribly. Furious, Pauline tells Bastien to respect "Australian food", or bugger off. All hell breaks loose as redneck Aussies in the audience rally behind Pauline. Amidst the chaos, Kim detonates his Bombe Alaska, destroying everything except Barry's delicate soufflé; - and Pauline's fish and chips. With 5 seconds to go, Kat and Bastien fight desperately to save the soufflé; - but Pauline's Dad stabs it dead with a shaslick. The world explodes in violent riots. And ... - IMDb

Fish & Chips Australia

Children's Cast:

Leah Bensted [11] Pauline Hanson