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Ghostwriter (TV series 1992-1995)

Ghostwriter (USA)

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1992 October, 4
United Kingdom
Family / Mystery


The show is about a group of teens who goes around solving neighborhood crimes and mysteries in New York City as young detectives with the help of a very secretive friend: Ghostwriter! Ghostwriter cannot hear, talk, smell, or feel. He can only read and write. He only sees words. No one else can see him but the Ghostwriter Team! In additions, the Ghostwriter Team have to solve their own mystery: who was Ghostwriter? - IMDb

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Ghostwriter USA
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Ghostwriter Canada
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Children's Cast:

Jeremy Miller [16] Craig Mitchell (TV Episode: Who Burned Mr. Brinker's Store?: Part 1) (1992)
Julia Stiles [12] Erica Dansby (TV Episode: A Crime of Two Cities: Part 3) (1993)
Wil Horneff [13] Calvin Ferguson (TV Episode: Ghost Story: Part 3) (1992)
Bryan Shilowich [9] Colin Brockington (TV Episode: A Crime of Two Cities: Part 1) (1994)
Stephi Lineburg [11] Lucy Canellan (TV Episode: Just in Time: Part 1) (1993)
Grace Johnston [13] Catherine Canellan (TV Episode: Just in Time: Part 1) (1993)