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The F.B.I. (TV series 1965-1974)

Aka: FBI: Amerika renpô keisatsu (Japan: alternative transliteration)
Director: Virgil W. Vogel, Don Medford, Jesse Hibbs ... more
Year: 1965
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama / Crime

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Cases, based on real FBI files, were handled by Inspector Lewis Erskine and several coworkers over the years. Erskine reported to Arthur Ward, assistant to the director of the FBI. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Kim Richards [8] Barbie Ghormley (TV Episode: Dark Christmas) (1972)
Ron Howard [14] Jess Orkin (TV Episode: The Runaways) (1968)
Scott C. Kolden [12] (TV Episode: The Betrayal) (1974)
Debi Storm [8] Kathy Towner (TV Episode: The Scourge) (1966)
Erin Moran [10] Cindy Marot / Vickie Florea (TV Episode: Deadfall) (1970)
Kerry MacLane [14] Jimmy (TV Episode: The Jug-Marker) (1972)
Kurt Russell [15] Dan Winslow (TV Episode: The Tormentors) (1966)
Moosie Drier [10] Boy at Day Care Center (TV Episode: The Betrayal) (1974)
Mia Bendixsen [7] Gayle Burgess (TV Episode: The Last Job) (1971)
Leif Garrett [11] Tommy (TV Episode: The Deadly Species) (1972)
Kirby Furlong [9] (TV Episode: Dark Christmas) (1972)
Michele Tobin [9] Mindy Evans (TV Episode: The Quest) (1970)
Gary Dubin [14] (TV Episode: The Disinherited) (1973)
Patti Cohoon-Friedman [11] Janet (TV Episode: The Innocents) (1970)
Pat Cardi [14] Jack Brown / Billy Gates (TV Episode: Image in a Cracked Mirror) (1965)
Clint Howard [6] Josh Cobb / Alan Ellwood (TV Episode: An Elephant Is Like a Rope) (1965)
Ted Foulkes [8] (TV Episode: The Innocents) (1970)
Lee Montgomery [11] (TV Episode: Escape to Nowhere) (1972)
Richard Mosier [13] (TV Episode: The Daughter) (1968)
Ronnie Dapo [13] Stevie (TV Episode: The Hijackers) (1965)
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