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Karishma Kaa Karishma (TV series 2003-2004)

Director: Swapna Joshi
Year: 2003
Country: India
Genre: Comedy / Sci-Fi

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The story revolves around a scientist, Vikram, who designs a very lifelike robot. His goal is to find out if the robot (Karishma) will become more human-like as time goes on. His wife, Sheetal, who is easily influenced by her neighbour Shraddha, suspects Vikram to be having an extramaritial affair due to his late work hours. But Vikram reveals the AI robot Karishma to the family and explains he was working on making her, Sheetal accepts Karishma as a daughter. Rahul, Vikram and Sheetal's son, is constantly annoyed by his neighbor, Sweety, who has a crush on him. Vikram, Sheetal and Rahul are the only ones who know that Karishma is a robot. Their nosy neighbors Shraddha and Paresh interfere in their lives and try to figure out who Karishma really is. This is the premise for a lot of episodes. Every episode, Karishma saves the day by solving the family's problem. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Shweta Prasad [12] Sweet (2003)

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