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Romans o vlyublyonnykh

Aka: Романс о влюблённых (Soviet Union: Russian title)
Director: Andrey Konchalovskiy
Year: 1974
Country: Soviet Union
Runtime: 135 minutes
Genre: Drama / Romance / Musical

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There is a guy and there is a girl. His name is Sergey, her name is Tanya. They love each other. Very fond of. And then the guy is called to the army and he goes: this is his duty. The guy serves in the army, in the Marine Corps. The girl is waiting for him. Then a misfortune happens: during the sea crash, when the part where Sergey served, was thrown to the aid of the injured residents, his armored personnel carrier was carried to the sea. The news comes of the death of a guy. The girl is suffering. This is a terrible grief. But we must live. We must find the strength to overcome despair. Tanya has a childhood friend, a good man, a hockey player. He loves her. He helps her overcome the grief. She marries him. Then it is revealed that Sergei did not die. He stood in the face of death and did not abandon the wounded friend. And then he returned home. But Tanya is no longer his Tanya. She's the wife of another. How to be? And can you live without her? And is there any sense in such a ... - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Viktor Rzhevski [17]

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