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Toast of the Town (TV series 1948-1971)

The Ed Sullivan Show (USA: new title)
You're the Top (USA: working title)

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1948 June, 20
60 minutes
Comedy / Music
Production Company:

Ed Sullivan's show was straight out of old vaudeville; brief acts of every description, from slapstick comedy to operatic arias. At least once, he showed a film, the only known film of Anna Pavlova (doing her Swan Dance). The Muppets' first TV appearance was on Ed Sullivan. Stiff and expressionless, with a peculiar voice and a talent for mispronunciation, Sullivan was at least as recognizable as Cronkite to early 60's viewers. - IMDb

The Ed Sullivan Show (new title) USA
The Ed Sullivan Show (World-wide)  
You're the Top (working title) USA
Городской тост (Russian title) Soviet Union
エド・サリヴァン・ショー (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Jay North [9] Singer (TV Episode: 13.37) (1960)
Kevin Corcoran [11] Actor (TV Episode: 13.18) (1960)
Chris Month [8] Jim Wilson (TV Episode: 14.34) (1961)
Yolanda White Singer (TV Episode: 15.46) (1962)
Paul O'Keefe [8] Singer (TV Episode: 12.26) (1959)

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