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The Prince

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2017 February, 25
Short / Drama

Olivia, a young tap dancer and her uncle Amir, an actor, struggle with what it means to be Middle-Eastern American and artists in today's racially divided world. The film bounces back and forth between an impassioned young girl performing a dramatic interpretive dance number on stage, and an actor struggling with a life-changing career decision. Olivia has a big dance recital and she wants her uncle to be there, but Amir won't be able to make it because he has booked a huge part on a major film - it could be a game changer. One morning, as Amir is getting his niece and nephew to school, a man verbally attacks them on public transit calling them terrorists. Olivia and her little brother, Jason, are shocked and confused because as Canadian-born citizens they never realized until this moment that they were seen as different. Amir discovers how deep Islamophobia runs in this city: no one on the bus is willing to help or stand up for them. Suppressing his own inner turmoil, Amir does his ... - IMDb

The Prince Canada

Children's Cast:

Bodhi Sabongui Jason