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Son of Frankenstein

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1939 January, 13
99 minutes
Sci-Fi / Horror / Drama
Production Company:


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Wolf von Frankenstein returns to the Baronial manor from the United States with his wife Elsa and son Peter. He not made welcome by the locals who are still terrified of his father's works and the monster he created. The local Burgomaster gives him a sealed briefcase left by his father and inside, Wolf finds his father's scientific notes. At the manor house he meets his father's assistant Igor who has a surprise for him: the monster his father created is still alive, though in some sort of coma. Wolf's initial attempts to re-animate the creature seem to fail but when Peter says he saw a giant in the woods, it appears he's met success. When people are mysteriously killed in the village there is little doubt that the monster is responsible. - IMDb

Il figlio di Frankenstein Italy
Le fils de Frankenstein (French title) Belgium
Le fils de Frankenstein France
Frankenstain'in Intikami (Turkish title) Turkey
Frankenštajnov sin Serbia
Frankenstein fia Hungary
Frankensteinin poika Finland
Frankensteins Sohn Austria
Frankensteins Sohn West Germany
Frankensteins son Sweden
El Hijo de Frankenstein Argentina
El Hijo de Frankenstein Spain
Het monster van Frankenstein Netherlands
O Filho de Frankenstein Brazil
O Filho de Frankenstein Portugal
O gios tou Frankenstein (DVD title) Greece
O yios tou Frankenstein (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
La sombra de Frankenstein Spain
De Zoon van Frankenstein (Flemish title) Belgium
De Zoon van Frankenstein (alternative title) Netherlands
Сын Франкенштейна (Russian title) Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Donnie Dunagan [4] Peter von Frankenstein

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