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Sydney to the Max (TV series)

Sydney to the Max (USA)

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2019 January, 25
22 minutes
Comedy / Family
Production Company:

A heartwarming and sentimental comedy, "Sydney to the Max" centers around the experiences of a sociable, goodhearted middle schooler named Sydney Reynolds and her protective, doting - and sometimes clueless. - single dad Max as they navigate the challenges of growing up. Set during two time-frames, decades apart, flashback scenes to young Max and his best friend Leo in the 1990s parallel many of the funny predicaments Sydney and her BFF Olive get themselves into. VHS camcorders, bleached skater hair and other '90s-defining "relics" aside, Sydney and Max come to realize, aided by Sydney's kicky grandmother Judy, who's well-versed in Max's childhood antics, that they have more in common than either realizes. - IMDb

Sydney & Max Denmark
Sydney & Max Spain
Sydney & Max Portugal
Sydney au max Canada
Sydney au Max France
Sydney como Max Mexico
Sydney na Maksa Poland
Sydney na Max Czechoslovakia
Sydney to the Max USA
Sydney to the Max South Africa
Sydney to the Max Australia
Sydney to the Max Canada
Sydney to the Max West Germany
Sydney to the Max United Kingdom
Sydney to the Max India
Sydney to the Max Italy
Sydney to the Max Japan
Sydney to the Max Philippines
Tal Sydney, Tal Max Brazil
Από τη Σίντνεϊ στον Μαξ Greece
От Сидни к Максу Russia
你青春我煩惱 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Isabella Kai [13] Haley
Kale Culley Ryan (TV Episode: Crush Hour) (2020)
Brogan Hall Bucky
Alison Fernandez Chloe (TV Episode: The Lunch Club) (2020)
Oliver Alexander Josh (TV Episode: Can't Dye This) (2019)
Sanai Victoria [14] Danielle (TV Episode: A Crush of Their Own) (2021)
Mirabelle Lee [14] Nia (TV Episode: Praise Your Voice) (2021)
Julia Garcia [13] Emmy
Miles Emmons Dylan (TV Episode: Adventures In Babe-Sitting) (2019)
Dallas Young Benny (TV Episode: Tearin' Up My Room) (2021)
Max Torina Luke (TV Episode: Bummer Rental) (2020)
Emmi Tjernström Lexi (TV Episode: My Cousin Lexi) (2021)
Ayaamii Sledge Essence (TV Episode: Pie Hard) (2021)
Princess K. Mapp [12] Jada