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Mayday (TV series)

Air Crash Investigation (Australia)
Air Crash Investigations (Australia: TV listings title)
Air Disasters (USA: syndication title)
Air Emergency (USA)

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60 minutes
Documentary / Drama / History / Reality-TV

When on TV?

22 Apr, 14:45 Joj Plus
22 Apr, 15:45 ČT2
23 Apr, 05:30 Joj Plus
23 Apr, 14:45 Joj Plus
24 Apr, 05:25 Joj Plus
24 Apr, 14:50 Joj Plus
24 Apr, 20:00 ČT2
24 Apr, 20:01 ČT2
25 Apr, 05:35 Joj Plus
25 Apr, 14:50 Joj Plus

Major real-life air disasters are depicted in this TV series. Each episode features a detailed dramatized reconstruction of the incident based on cockpit voice recorders and air traffic control transcripts, as well as eyewitnesses recounts and interviews with aviation experts. Sometimes, interviews with investigators who dealt with the disaster or even actual footage are featured. - IMDb

Air crash France
Air Crash Investigation Australia
Air Crash Investigation United Kingdom
Air Crash Investigation Italy
Air Crash Investigation Netherlands
Air Crash Investigation Thailand
Air Crash Investigation USA
Air Crash Investigation  
Air Crash Investigation  
Air Crash Investigations (TV listings title) Australia
Air Disasters (syndication title) USA
Air Emergency USA
Dangers dans le ciel France
Flyhavarikommisjonen Norway
Haverikommissionen Sweden
Indagini ad alta quota Italy
Istrage zrakoplovnih nesreća Croatia
Katastrofy w przestworzach Poland
Légikatasztrófák Hungary
Lentoturmatutkinta Finland
Letecké katastrofy Czechoslovakia
Letecké katastrofy Slovakia
May day Mexico
Mayday India
Mayday Philippines
Mayday Sweden
Mayday Singapore
Mayday South Africa
Mayday United Arab Emirates
Mayday Canada
Mayday Canada
Mayday Ecuador
Mayday Greece
Mayday Hong Kong
Mayday Indonesia
Mayday India
Mayday - Alarm im Cockpit West Germany
Mayday! Desastres Aéreos Brazil
Mayday, Air Crash Investigation (long title)  
Mayday, Desastres Aéreos Portugal
Mayday: Catástrofes aéreas Spain
Podniebny horror Poland
Uçak Kazası Raporu Turkey
Undersøgelse af flystyrt Denmark
Vyšetřování leteckých neštěstí Czechoslovakia
Несреће у ваздуху Serbia
Расследования авиакатастроф Russia
メーデー!:航空機事故の真実と真相 Japan
空中浩劫 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Isaac Pilozo Eisberth Quintero (TV Episode: 28 Seconds to Survive) (2013)
Landon Norris [13] Chas Capewell (TV Episode: Falling from the Sky) (2007)
Joseph Zita [13] Gonzalo Dussan Jr. (TV Episode: Lost) (2005)