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A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion (TV)

A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion (USA)

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1993 November, 21
120 minutes
Drama / Family

Fourth Waltons reunion TV movie is now set in the 1960s which has John-Boy still living in New York, trying to persuade his fiancée to marry him. Meanwhile, Ben and Cindy's daughter, Virginia, has died and Cindy is finding life very lonely without her. She tells Ben that she would dearly love to adopt another baby, but Ben feels that it is not a good idea. Also Ben is arguing with his father about their lumber company for he wants to buy a new truck, but John keeps insisting that they can't afford it. Elsewhere, Erin now has three children and is separated from Paul. Her decision to start seeing another man causes some indignation among the other Walton family members. Ike and Corabeth become grandparents when Aimee has a little baby daughter, while Elizabeth returns from Europe and reunites with Drew, her old beau. - IMDb

Das Familientreffen der Waltons West Germany
A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion USA

Children's Cast:

Christian Cousins [10] Clay
Emily Ann Lloyd [9] Katie