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Hindi pa tapos ang laban

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1994 January, 25
124 minutes
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Fernando Poe Jr. stars as Carding Villamar, a city professional who returns to their hometown of Evangelista after learning of his brother's untimely demise. As a series of events unfold, he soon discovers that his brother didn't succumb to a heart attack as he was made to believe. He was shot in cold blood for refusing to sell his land to a powerful congressman. With a town muted and crippled by fear, the congressman's henchmen move unhampered to silence Carding and his brother's orphaned family as well. Big mistake. Armed with only a crusty riffle and a whole ton of rage. Carding sets out to right the wrong and exact vengeance for the murder of his brother. That is, if he survives the hot pursuits of bounty hunters, the militia and the police who are all in the congressman's payroll. - IMDb

Hindi pa tapos ang laban Philippines

Children's Cast:

Sunshine Dizon [10]