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A Series of Firsts

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2013 June, 25
18 minutes
Short / Drama / Family
Production Company:

Chloé is 16 years old and the world is her playground. She loathes her mother who, accordingly to Chloé, restricts her freedom dramatically. This aside, Chloé has created her own world and she likes living in it. She's a pathological liar, smokes like a chimney and does not act her age. She cannot wait to be 25 years old. Admitting that her knowledge is not comprehensive, would be a personal failure. When Chloé is confronted with more serious matters, like the standstill marriage of her parents, she slowly pops the bubble that is her world and start to see things from a more mature perspective. - IMDb

A Series of Firsts Belgium

Children's Cast:

Anna Franziska Jaeger [16] Chloé