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Xi He

Also known as: Destiny (USA: alternative title)
Director: Wei Zhang
Year: 2015
Country: China
Runtime: 105 minutes
Genre: Drama / Family / News

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Xi He is a 9 year old autistic child who loves to go to school. However, his classmates' parents are afraid of his condition and don't want him to study with their children. For the fourth time, he gets expelled from his school for misbehaving. The director of the school wants to help but with his hands tied, succumbs to the pressure from the other parents. Xi He's mother fights for her son's right to a normal education despite his imperfection. She wants him to have the chance for a normal life. Back in the Chinese countryside, her brother suffers from autism and is hunted by the ignorant people from her village. Her old mother, unable to take care of him any longer, keeps him in a cage to keep him safe from others and from himself; like an animal. Tian Lin's childhood looms of memories tinted by her brother's life's effect on hers. She decides to teach Xi He herself, willing to do everything to save him from this destiny. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Jun Feng Xi He

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