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Director: Lovro Mrden
Year: 2016
Country: Croatia
Genre: Short / Drama

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Everyday life for a ten year old boy Jan is a struggle - he lives in a modest city apartment with his mother Sara, a drug addict and an alcoholic who often neglects her own son. The plot begins with a night scene in Sara's and Jan's kitchen. While Jan is sleeping in his bedroom, Sara is enjoying the company of a doctor Goran while using alcohol and marijuana. From their conversation, we find out that it is Jan's birthday tomorrow and Sara cannot remember how old Jan will be. The next morning, Sara and Goran invite Jan to tell him happy birthday and give him a cake. Jan looks at Goran strangely, it is clear that he sees him for the first time and that such situations with his mom's partners are also not new for him. Next to Jan, there is Fabijan who is Jan's imaginary friend. Sara knows about Fabijan, but she does not want to accept nor acknowledge his existence. Jan, on the other hand, is unyielding and will not give in to his mother's requests to forget and let Fabijan go. Following ... - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Branimir Bobinac Jan

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