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Il grande racket

Aka: The Big Racket (USA: dubbed version)
The Big Racket (World-wide)
Director: Enzo G. Castellari
Year: 1976
Country: Italy
Genre: Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Nico Palmieri is a police inspector who battles against hoodlums terrorising a sleepy Italian village, extorting cash from the locals. With the threat of violence, no one dares to act except a restaurant owner who approaches Palmieri and sings like a canary. As a result, his young daughter is raped. Discovering that the terrorism is related to drug dealers, Palmieri is forbidden to continue investigating his case by his superior - so he goes it alone. Palmieri recruits men who have become victims of the crooks and the film ends with a bloody massacre. Bullets fly and blood spatters the screen. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Stefania Girolami Goodwin [13] Stefania

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