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The Torkelsons (TV series)

The Torkelsons (USA)

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1991 September, 21
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family
Production Company:

As a single mother of five, Mrs. Millicent Torkelson is a do-it-yourselfer with a flair for finding ingenious ways to make ends meet. Her oldest daughter Dorothy is a sensitive dreamer who finds solace by talking to the "man in the moon". The rest of the clan includes Steven Floyd, Chuckie Lee, Mary Sue and Ruth Ann, all of whom easily get themselves in and out of trouble. Making the best of bad times. - IMDb

Alle meine Kinder West Germany
La familia Tórkelson Spain
La famille Torkelson France
Rodzina Torkelsonów Poland
Torkelsonék Hungary
Los torkelsons Peru
The Torkelsons Canada
The Torkelsons Mexico
The Torkelsons USA
The Torkelsons Philippines
The Torkelsons Canada
The Torkelsons United Kingdom
The Torkelsons Japan
Un raggio di luna per Dorothy Jane Italy
Торкелсонсы Russia

Children's Cast:

Ashley Peldon [7] Molly Jeffers (TV Episode: Return to Sender) (1991)
Danuel Pipoly [14] Benvolio (TV Episode: Swear Not by the Moon) (1992)
Rachel Duncan [6] Mary Sue Torkelson (TV Episode: Aunt Poison) (1991)
Vinessa Shaw [16] Meredith Reed (TV Episode: Swear Not by the Moon) (1992)
Remy Ryan [10] Jenny Blackwing (TV Episode: Thanksgivingsomething) (1991)
Omri Katz [16] Jason (TV Episode: Double Date) (1992)
Benj Thall [13] Steven Floyd Torkelson (TV Episode: Fence Neighbors) (1991)
Katie Johnston Debra Jo (TV Episode: A Kiss Is Still a Kiss) (1991)
Adam Wylie [8] Young Kirby (TV Episode: Say Uncle) (1992)
Paige Gosney [13] Kirby Scroggins / Kirby Scoggins (TV Episode: It's My Party) (1991)
Lee Norris [10] Chuckie Lee Torkelson (TV Episode: Aunt Poison) (1991)
Anna Slotky Ruth Ann Torkelson (TV Episode: Aunt Poison) (1991)
Aaron Michael Metchik [11] Steven Floyd Torkelson (TV Episode: Aunt Poison) (1991)
Asher Metchik [6] Young Steven Floyd (TV Episode: Say Uncle) (1992)
Olivia Burnette [14] Dorothy Jane Torkelson
Doren Fein [7] Nancy (TV Episode: Poetry in Motion) (1991)