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Small Wonder (TV series)

Small Wonder (USA)

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1985 September, 7
30 minutes
Comedy / Sci-Fi


Father Ted Lawson creates a robot, Vicki (played by Tiffany Brissette). The family--Ted, Joan and Jamie--keep Vicki's identity secret, and pretend that she is their daughter. Harriet, their nosy and annoying neighbor, has a crush on Jamie and plans to marry him. Her dad, Brandon Brindle, is Ted's boss; Brandon stole credit for Ted's ideas. - IMDb

La pequeña Maravilla Chile
La pequeña Maravilla Peru
La pequeña Maravilla (informal literal title) Venezuela
Petite merveille France
Small Wonder India
Small Wonder India
Small Wonder Philippines
Small Wonder Singapore
Small Wonder Taiwan
Small Wonder USA
Small Wonder South Africa
Small Wonder United Arab Emirates
Small Wonder Australia
Small Wonder Canada
Small Wonder Canada
Small Wonder Ecuador
Small Wonder France
Small Wonder United Kingdom
Small Wonder Indonesia
Super Vicky Brazil
Super Vicky Italy
Thiên Thần Bé Nhỏ Vietnam
Uma Pequena Maravilha Portugal
Un robot en casa Spain
Vicki West Germany
スモール・ワンダー Japan
슈퍼소녀 비키 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Douglas Emerson [12] Adam (TV Episode: Thanksgiving Story) (1986)
Brian Austin Green [14] Gary (TV Episode: Top Secret) (1987)
Emily Schulman [8] Harriet Brindle (TV Episode: Thy Neighbor's Wife) (1985)
Trey Parker [17] Fred (TV Episode: See No Evil) (1989)
Jason Horst Chip Jennings (TV Episode: The Promotion) (1987)
Jerry Supiran [12] Jamie Lawson (TV Episode: Thy Neighbor's Wife) (1985)
Lark Voorhies [14] Binky / Brandie Ross (TV Episode: When You Hear the Beep) (1988)
Michael Bacall [12] Kevin (TV Episode: The Bully) (1985)
Daryl Bartley [11] Warren / Warren Enright (TV Episode: The Suitor) (1985)
Alyson Croft [12] Karen Jennings (TV Episode: Bride and Groom) (1987)
David Glasser [14] Norman (TV Episode: The Lie) (1985)
Paul C. Scott Reggie Williams