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L'uomo, l'orgoglio, la vendetta

Also known as: Man, Pride & Vengeance (UK: video title)
Man, Pride & Vengeance (USA: reissue title)
Director: Luigi Bazzoni
Release: 22 Dec 1967
Country: Italy
West Germany
Runtime: 100 minutes
Genre: Action / Drama / Romance / Western

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In 19th century Spain, young sergeant Don José falls in-love with beautiful gypsy girl Conchita who works inside the military fort in a small workshop. There she gets in a fight with another woman and tries to stab her with a knife. Arrested, she is entrusted to Don José who must escort her to the police station in town. However, clever Conchita gives Don José the slip. Because of her escape, he is demoted to private and must pull additional guard duty. One night, Conchita shows up at the fort to see Don José who's on guard duty. While she apologizes to him and seduces him, she also distracts his attention from a small group of smugglers who enter the fort. Don José is furious and goes to see Conchita at her friend's place. Unfortunately, Conchita is there with a gentleman lover, an officer. In a fit of jealousy, Don José loses his head and punches the officer who falls and dies. Don José deserts the army and runs away with Conchita. She takes him to a gypsy camp where many smugglers ... - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Roberto Chevalier [15] Remendado (voice, uncredited)

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