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The Munsters Today (TV series)

The Munsters Today (Australia)
The New Munsters (USA)

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1988 October, 8
30 minutes
Comedy / Sci-Fi
Production Company:

This is supposed to be the exact same Munster family as in the '60s series "The Munsters". One of Grandpa's experiments went awry, and put the Munsters into suspended animation for 20 years. Upon awakening in the '80s, they experience the same comic situations since they don't realize that they aren't "normal". Dad Herman resembles the Frankenstein monster, Mom Lily and Grandpa are vampires, son Eddie is a werewolf, and only beautiful Marilyn looks like a human. - IMDb

La familia Monster hoy Mexico
La familia Monster, hoy Spain
Familie Munster West Germany
Familie Munster West Germany
Familien Munster Norway
I mostri vent'anni dopo Italy
The Munsters Today Australia
The Munsters Today Canada
The Munsters Today Canada
The Munsters Today Ecuador
The Munsters Today United Kingdom
The Munsters Today Sweden
The Munsters Today USA
The New Munsters USA
Les nouveaux monstres sont arrivés France
Rodzina Potwornickich Poland

Children's Cast:

Casey Ellison [13] Brad Penmann (TV Episode: The Eyes Have It) (1989)
Michael Oliver [10] Young Andy (TV Episode: Large) (1991)
Jonathan Brandis [14] Matt Glover (TV Episode: The Silver Bullet) (1990)
Whit Hertford [12] Kid Grandpa (TV Episode: Misadventures in Time) (1990)
Dustin Diamond [13] Rob (TV Episode: Mind Reader) (1990)
Daniel Wilson Kid Herman
Jason Marsden [13] Eddie Munster