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The Flash (TV series)

The Flash (USA)

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1990 September, 20
60 minutes
Action / Crime / Fantasy / Sci-Fi


In a freak accident, police crime scene investigator Barry Allen is struck by lightning and doused in chemicals. Barry discovers that this accident had given him powers, able to move at nearly the speed of sound. With the help of STAR Labs scientist Tina McGee, he learns to control his powers...but when his older brother Jay (a motorcycle cop) is killed in the line of duty, Barry asks Tina to make him a special costume that can withstand the rigors of hyperspeed travel. He sets forth to clean up the streets of Central City as The Flash. - IMDb

Blesk Czechoslovakia
Blesk Slovakia
Flash France
Flash Greece
Flash Italy
Flash Mexico
Flash Poland
Flash - Der rote Blitz West Germany
Flash, El Rayo (alternative transliteration) Venezuela
Flash, el relámpago humano Spain
The Flash Indonesia
The Flash India
The Flash India
The Flash Japan
The Flash Netherlands
The Flash Philippines
The Flash Sweden
The Flash Singapore
The Flash Turkey
The Flash USA
The Flash United Arab Emirates
The Flash South Africa
The Flash Australia
The Flash Brazil
The Flash Canada
The Flash Canada
The Flash Ecuador
The Flash (video box title) Finland
The Flash United Kingdom
The Flash: El último vengador Argentina
Flash: O anthropos - astrapi! Greece
Der Rote Blitz West Germany
A Villám Hungary
Φλας:ο άνθρωπος αστραπή Greece
Муња Serbia
Флэш Soviet Union
閃電俠 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Jonathan Brandis [14] Terry Cohan (TV Episode: Child's Play) (1990)
Remy Ryan [9] Cory Cohan (TV Episode: Child's Play) (1990)
Justin Burnette [9] Shawn Allen (TV Episode: Pilot) (1990)