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Blossom (TV series)

Blossom (Australia)

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1990 July, 5
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama


This teenage sitcom is named after its main character, likable but sissy schoolgirl Blossom Russo. It centers around her life at school and at home, where she lives with her single father, charming musician Nick Russo, who tries hard to be an exemplary parent, and her two elder brothers, the cool Anthony, the eldest, and sweet but rather weak and naive Joey. Her best friend, Six LeMeure, who is educationally neglected at her home and thus is almost always around at the Russos as well as at school, is the voice of mischief and thus often her partner in crime. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Andrew Lawrence [3] Little Joey / Boy at the magic sword / Joey at Age 2 (TV Episode: Thanks for the Memorex) (1991)
Billy O'Sullivan [12] Chucky (TV Episode: The Joey Chronicles) (1992)
David Faustino [17] David Faustino (TV Episode: Blossom - A Rockumentary) (1991)
Douglas Emerson [17] Boy #2 (TV Episode: Honor?) (1991)
Joey Lawrence [14] Joey Russo / Donnie Russo (TV Episode: Goodbye) (1990)
Kevin Jamal Woods Frank (TV Episode: So Many Milestones, So Little Time) (1994)
Matthew Lawrence [11] Young Joey / Joey at Age 11 (TV Episode: Thanks for the Memorex) (1991)
James Madio [17] Silvio (TV Episode: House Guests) (1992)
Jonathan Brandis [15] Stevie (TV Episode: To Tell the Truth) (1991)
Courtney Chase [6] Kennedy (TV Episode: So Many Milestones, So Little Time) (1994)
Devon Gummersall [15] Jimmy Kelly (TV Episode: 38 Special) (1993)
Ryan Francis [14] Ricky (TV Episode: Sex, Lies and Teenagers) (1991)
Giovanni Ribisi [17] Mitchell (TV Episode: Blossom Blossoms) (1991)
Justin Whalin [16] Jimmy / Jordan Taylor / William Zimmerman (TV Episode: Pilot) (1990)
Grant Gelt [11] Young Anthony (TV Episode: This Old House) (1991)
Omar Gooding [15] Brad / Tyler (TV Episode: Honor?) (1991)
Chris Demetral [15] Dennis / Fred Fogerty (TV Episode: The Geek) (1991)
Tobey Maguire [16] Boy (TV Episode: Sex, Lies and Teenagers) (1991)
Brittany Murphy [16] Wendy (TV Episode: Blossom in Paris: Part 1) (1993)
Aaron Lohr [15] Student (TV Episode: Tough Love) (1991)
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