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Seaquest DSV (TV series)

SeaQuest 2032 (USA: new title)
Seaquest DSV (Australia)

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1993 September, 12
60 minutes
Action / Adventure / Family / Sci-Fi
$ 1 300 000


By the mid-21st Century, humankind has colonized the oceans and formed the UEO--the United Earth Oceans--as a military organization to police it. Formerly a high-ranking member of the UEO, Nathan Bridger retired after the death of his wife, and retreated to an isolated island to study dolphins. An attempt is made to hijack the Seaquest DSV, the UEO's most powerful undersea vessel, and Nathan--its original designer--is convinced to return to active service, to assume command of it. His second in command is Cmdr. Jonathan Ford. In second season, the DSV added Dagwood, a prototype GELF (Genetically Engineered Life Form), Tony Piccolo, a man with surgically implanted gills, and Dr. Wendy Smith, a telepath/empath, to its crew of specialists. The series has New Age leanings, often presenting stories that deal with environmental issues or mix myth and mysticism--from ghosts to "gods"--into its science fiction. - IMDb

O kyriarhos tou vythou Greece
Ponorka SeaQuest DSV Slovakia
Sea Quest Finland
SeaQuest Brazil
SeaQuest West Germany
SeaQuest Italy
SeaQuest Poland
SeaQuest - A mélység birodalma Hungary
SeaQuest 2032 (new title) USA
SeaQuest DSV Ecuador
SeaQuest DSV South Africa
Seaquest DSV Australia
Seaquest DSV Canada
Seaquest DSV Canada
Seaquest DSV United Kingdom
Seaquest DSV Netherlands
Seaquest DSV Romania
Seaquest DSV Sweden
Seaquest DSV Singapore
SeaQuest DSV: Los vigilantes del fondo del mar Spain
SeaQuest DSV: Viagem ao Fundo do Mar Portugal
SeaQuest, police des mers France
SeaQuest: Pinnan alla lepää tulevaisuus. (video box title) Finland
Strážce moře Czechoslovakia
Подводная Одиссея Russia
Подморница Трагач Serbia
シークエスト Japan

Children's Cast:

Jonathan Brandis [17] Lucas Wolenczak / Ensign Lucas Wolenczak (TV Episode: Weapons of War) (1993)
Brittany Snow [8] Hyperion Child / Young Girl (TV Episode: Special Delivery) (1994)
Ethan Glazer [9] Gibby Sutter (TV Episode: SeaWest) (1993)
JoAnna Garcia Swisher [15] Iris (TV Episode: Playtime) (1994)
Christopher Pettiet [17] Zachery Thomas (TV Episode: Brothers and Sisters) (1993)