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Picket Fences (TV series 1992-1996)

Picket Fences (USA)

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1992 September, 18
120 minutes


Picket Fences deals with life in a small town - in this case the town of Rome, Wisconsin; it centers around the Brock Family. Jimmy Brock is the Sheriff of the town and likes to think he's the center of attention. His wife Jill is the town doctor; they have three children: Kimberly, 18, Matthew, 13 and Zachary, 10. A lot happens in this small town from bizarre murders to rape, assault, drunk driving, kidnapping & spontaneous human combustion. It seems that all the crimes that have occurred in the whole of the United States have at one point or another happened in Rome and they have to deal with it in their own quirky way. - IMDb

Al otro lado de la cerca Peru
Cerca de pasiones Mexico
Detrás de la cerca Argentina
La famiglia Brock Italy
Farda e Coração Portugal
Gdzie diabeł mówi dobranoc Poland
High Secret City - La ville du grand secret (new title) France
Kisvárosi rejtélyek Hungary
Kućice u cvijeću Croatia
Picket Fences South Africa
Picket Fences India
Picket Fences Singapore
Picket Fences United Arab Emirates
Picket Fences Canada
Picket Fences Philippines
Picket Fences USA
Picket Fences Australia
Picket Fences Spain
Picket Fences United Kingdom
Picket Fences India
Picket Fences Canada
Picket Fences: Tatort Gartenzaun West Germany
Rome - Stadt im Zwielicht West Germany
Rooma sherif Estonia
Rooman sheriffi Finland
Secrete de familie Romania
Sheriffen Norway
Smalltown USA (informal literal title) Netherlands
Småstadsliv Sweden
Un drôle de shérif France
Under overfladen Denmark
Дрвене ограде Serbia
Зад оградата Bulgaria
Частокол Russia
ピケット・フェンス ブロック捜査メモ Japan
피켓 펜스 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Miko Hughes [7] Elliot Doyle (TV Episode: Rights of Passage) (1993)
Bradley Pierce [12] Joey Messina (TV Episode: Supreme Courting) (1994)
Elisabeth Moss [10] Cynthia Parks (TV Episode: Saint Zach) (1992)
Jer Adrianne Lelliott [14] (TV Episode: The Z Files) (1996)
Phillip Van Dyke [10] Bobby Hutton (TV Episode: Frosted Flakes) (1994)
Zachery Ty Bryan [15] (TV Episode: Winner Takes All) (1996)
Brian Wagner Whitaker (TV Episode: Pageantry) (1992)
Jason Dohring [14] (TV Episode: Winner Takes All) (1996)
Blake Heron [13] Troy Burton (TV Episode: Saint Zach) (1995)
Chris Carrara O'Dell (TV Episode: Heart of Saturday Night) (1995)
Adam Wylie [8] Zachary Brock (TV Episode: Liver Let Die) (1992)
Chris Owen [13] Milton Lebeck (TV Episode: Frog Man) (1993)
Brian Christopher [14] Milton Lebeck (TV Episode: Frogman Returns) (1995)
Justin Shenkarow [12] Matthew Brock (TV Episode: Liver Let Die) (1992)
Tyler Gurciullo Joey Millen (TV Episode: Final Judgement) (1995)
Nicole Nagorsky [10] Melissa Wendt (TV Episode: Supreme Courting) (1994)
Raffi Di Blasio [14] Kevin Quinn (TV Episode: Rights of Passage) (1993)