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Yaldey Hashemesh

Also known as: Children of the Sun (World-wide)
Director: Ran Tal
Release: 8 Sep 2007
Country: Israel
Runtime: 70 minutes
Genre: Documentary / History

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Off camera, 18 or so people, born in the mid-1930s, talk about being children born and raised on kibbutzim. They were to become "the new man:" equals, strong of body and spirit, communal with little personal ownership and a keen group consciousness. They tell their stories chronologically in four chapters: "separation" -- their early years living and sleeping apart from their parents, "group" -- pre-teen life as extended family, "elite" -- becoming young adults, and "a second life" -- adults looking back. Home movies and newsreels from the time fill the screen as they talk. Some remained to have children there. What is their assessment now? How are success and failure balanced? - IMDb

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