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Recess (TV series)

Disney's Recess (USA: complete title)
Recess (USA)
Recreo (USA)

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1997 August, 31
23 minutes
Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Sport


Comic tales of a group of good friends, 4 boys and 2 girls, during breaks in primary school, as they grow up, relate to each other, and have brushes with authority. - IMDb

La banda del patio Spain
Byle do przerwy Poland
La cour de récré France
Disney'in Teneffüs Zili Turkey
Disney's Recess (complete title) USA
Disneyn Välitunti Finland
Disneys Große Pause West Germany
Frikvarter Denmark
Friminutt (dubbed version) Norway
Hora do Recreio Brazil
Přestávka Czechoslovakia
Raspust Serbia
Rasten Sweden
Recess Netherlands
Recess Philippines
Recess Singapore
Recess USA
Recess South Africa
Recess Australia
Recess Canada
Recess Canada
Recess Ecuador
Recess United Kingdom
Recess India
Recess India
Recess South Korea
Recreio Portugal
Recreo Argentina
Recreo Mexico
Recreo Peru
Recreo USA
Ricreazione Italy
Szünet Hungary
To dialeimma (transliterated title) Greece
Το διάλειμμα Greece
Переменка Russia
リセス 〜ぼくらの休み時間〜 Japan
下課後 Taiwan
下课后 China
淘気學校 Hong Kong

Children's Cast:

Erik von Detten [15] Erwin Lawson (TV Episode: Germ Warfare) (1997)
Sam Saletta [13] (TV Episode: The Great Jungle Gym Stand Off) (1997)
Jake Richardson [12] (TV Episode: King Gus) (1997)
Andrew Lawrence [10] Theodore J. 'T.J.' Detweiler / Theodore J. 'T.J.' Detweiler ( / Theodore J. Detweiler / ... (TV Episode: Terrifying Tales of Recess) (1998)
Ashley Johnson [14] Gretchen Grundler (TV Episode: Mundy, Mundy) (1997)
Blake McIver Ewing [12] Menlow (TV Episode: Randall's Reform) (1997)
Bryan Burke [14] (TV Episode: The Ratings Game) (2000)
Courtland Mead [10] Gus Griswald (TV Episode: Mundy, Mundy) (1997)
Halley Eveland [7] (TV Episode: The Ratings Game) (2000)
J. Evan Bonifant [15] (TV Episode: The Ratings Game) (2000)
Kelsey Mulrooney [12] (TV Episode: My Funny Valentines) (1999)
Ross Malinger [13] TJ (TV Episode: The Break-Up) (1997)
Ryan O'Donohue [13] Randall Weems / Digger Dave (TV Episode: Stand Up Randall) (1997)
Sean Marquette [12] (TV Episode: The Ratings Game) (2000)
Shawn Pyfrom [14] Zack (TV Episode: The Ratings Game) (2000)
Travis Tedford [12] (voice) (TV Episode: Don't Ask Me) (2000)
Jarrett Lennon [15] (TV Episode: The Great Jungle Gym Stand Off) (1997)
Andy Morrow [13] Nerdy boy (TV Episode: The Ratings Game) (2000)
Bobby Edner [12] (TV Episode: The Ratings Game) (2000)
Rachel Crane Ashley 'Ashley Q' Quinlan (TV Episode: Germ Warfare) (1997)
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