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Chaos puos keng kang

Aka: Snake's love (USA)
Snaker 2 (USA)
Director: Fai Sam Ang
Year: 2006
Country: Cambodia
Genre: Romance / Horror

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The Snake King's Grandchild (Khmer: រឿងចៅពស់កេងកង, Chaos puos keng kang, also Snaker 2 and Snake's love) is a 2006 Cambodian Romance horror film, a sequel to a 2001 film, The Snake King's Child. It is a successful and award-winning in the khmer national film festival where it received 4 awards including best actress. The sequel to The Snake King's Child, after Vaha and Soriya married, they gave birth to a boy and named him, Mek. However, Vaha, then, married another woman and gave birth to another boy named Sok but the new wife got jealous to Soriya and stole her ring. Suddenly Soriya turned to the snake and Vaha dropped dead by a heart attack. The new wife took everything and blamed Mek as the servant. Many years later, Mek and his snake mother lived in a cave, upsetly, while the new wife and Sok lived happily in the house.

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