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Family (TV series 1976-1980)

Family (USA)

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1976 March, 9
60 minutes
Drama / Family


The trials and tribulations, joyous occasions and heartbreaking moments of the Lawrence family: lawyer father Doug, housewife Kate, married (and quickly divorced) daughter Nancy, teenage son Willie and just-hitting-puberty daughter Buddy. In this critically acclaimed series, we watched various Lawrences fight, fall in love, become ill, graduate school, begin new jobs and, most of all, love each other. - IMDb

Eine amerikanische Familie West Germany
Eine amerikanische Familie West Germany
Familia Spain
Familia Venezuela
Família Brazil
La familia Spain
Family USA
Family South Africa
Family United Arab Emirates
Family Australia
Family Canada
Family Canada
Family Ecuador
Family United Kingdom
Family Indonesia
Family Philippines
Family Poland
Family Singapore
In casa Lawrence Italy
Семья Soviet Union
ファミリー・愛の肖像 Japan

Children's Cast:

Kim Richards [12] Laura Richardson (TV Episode: Monday Is Forever) (1976)
Shane Sinutko [12] Nicki Schuyler (TV Episode: A Tale Out of Season) (1977)
Elizabeth Cheshire [12] Beth Ingersoll (TV Episode: Malicious Mischief) (1979)
Kristy McNichol [14] Letitia 'Buddy' Lawrence (TV Episode: Letting Go) (1976)
Dana Hill [16] Martha (TV Episode: Smarts) (1980)
Dana Plato [12] Debbie / Mary Beth Sanders (TV Episode: Home Movie) (1976)
Alfred Lutter III [15] Alvin Tanner (TV Episode: Someone's Watching) (1977)
Helen Hunt [13] Sandy / Tracey Palmer / Robin Trask (TV Episode: Home Movie) (1976)
Leif Garrett [17] Zack Russell (TV Episode: All for Love) (1978)
Jennifer Jason Leigh [16] Jenny Blair (TV Episode: And Baby Makes Three) (1978)
Eric Olson [15] Ernie (TV Episode: Labors of Love) (1977)
Lisa Whelchel [15] Cathy Connelly (TV Episode: All for Love) (1978)
Tracie Savage [14] Sandy / Wendy Spears / Girl Swimmer (TV Episode: A Special Kind of Loving) (1976)
David Hollander [10] Billy (TV Episode: The Athlete) (1979)
Dennis Dimster [14] Brock (TV Episode: Disco Queen) (1979)
Debbie Lytton [14] Elisa (TV Episode: Smarts) (1980)
Quinn Cummings [11] Annie Cooper / Marcy Willis (TV Episode: Letting Go) (1978)
Michael LeClair Charlie Roberts (TV Episode: A Safe House) (1977)
Willie Aames [16] T.J. Latimer
Alicia Fleer [14] Clara (TV Episode: Expectations) (1978)