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Family (TV series 1976-1980)

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1976 March, 9
60 minutes
Drama / Family


The trials and tribulations, joyous occasions and heartbreaking moments of the Lawrence family: lawyer father Doug, housewife Kate, married (and quickly divorced) daughter Nancy, teenage son Willie and just-hitting-puberty daughter Buddy. In this critically acclaimed series, we watched various Lawrences fight, fall in love, become ill, graduate school, begin new jobs and, most of all, love each other. - IMDb

Eine amerikanische Familie Germany
Eine amerikanische Familie West Germany
Familia Spain
Família Brazil
La familia Spain
In casa Lawrence Italy

Children's Cast:

Kim Richards [12] Laura Richardson (TV Episode: Monday Is Forever) (1976)
Shane Sinutko [12] Nicki Schuyler (TV Episode: A Tale Out of Season) (1977)
Elizabeth Cheshire [12] Beth Ingersoll (TV Episode: Malicious Mischief) (1979)
Kristy McNichol [14] Letitia 'Buddy' Lawrence (TV Episode: Letting Go) (1976)
Dana Hill [16] Martha (TV Episode: Smarts) (1980)
Dana Plato [12] Debbie / Mary Beth Sanders (TV Episode: Home Movie) (1976)
Alfred Lutter III [15] Alvin Tanner (TV Episode: Someone's Watching) (1977)
Helen Hunt [13] Sandy / Tracey Palmer / Robin Trask (TV Episode: Home Movie) (1976)
Leif Garrett [17] Zack Russell (TV Episode: All for Love) (1978)
Jennifer Jason Leigh [16] Jenny Blair (TV Episode: And Baby Makes Three) (1978)
Eric Olson [15] Ernie (TV Episode: Labors of Love) (1977)
Lisa Whelchel [15] Cathy Connelly (TV Episode: All for Love) (1978)
Tracie Savage [14] Sandy / Wendy Spears / Girl Swimmer (TV Episode: A Special Kind of Loving) (1976)
David Hollander [10] Billy (TV Episode: The Athlete) (1979)
Dennis Dimster [14] Brock (TV Episode: Disco Queen) (1979)
Debbie Lytton [14] Elisa (TV Episode: Smarts) (1980)
Quinn Cummings [11] Annie Cooper / Marcy Willis (TV Episode: Letting Go) (1978)
Michael LeClair Charlie Roberts (TV Episode: A Safe House) (1977)
Willie Aames [16] T.J. Latimer

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