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Eddie and the Aviator

Director: Sean Whitesell
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Genre: Short / Drama

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Eddie (Brett Rickaby), a gravedigger, is having a bad day. He tries to turn things around and thinks back to when he was a fun-loving kid. But things turn ugly when he has bad memories of his father. The Aviator (Mathew St. Patrick), Eddie's partner, makes things worse, by cracking jokes at Eddie's expense throughout the morning. Over lunch he focuses on better times. He remembers a high school speech he gave when his dreams were still alive. He met a pretty girl at a school dance and they snuck off to be alone, but that turned sideways and Eddie ended up in jail. Later, alone in the grave, he regains his spirit and courage - only to have The Aviator show up and deflate him once again. At the end of the workday he walks behind The Aviator from cart to shed. He lifts his shovel near the back of The Aviator's head. Eddie's on edge - and you never know what someone might do. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Lincoln Jolly Young Eddie

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