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Blue Heelers (TV series)

Blue Heelers (USA)
Boys in Blue (Australia)

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1994 January, 18
60 minutes
Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance / Thriller
Production Company:

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The most popular local production on Australian television, Blue Heelers is a weekly police drama based on a fictional bush town called Mount Thomas. Every week there is a different case for Sergeant Tom Croydon, Senior Constable Nick Schultz, Senior Detective PJ Hasham, and Constables Maggie Doyle, Dash McKinley and Adam Cooper to solve. Continuing storylines about the personal lives and relationships of these characters filter into each episode. - IMDb

Blue Heelers USA
Blue Heelers South Africa
Blue Heelers Australia
Blue Heelers Canada
Blue Heelers Canada
Blue Heelers West Germany
Blue Heelers Ecuador
Blue Heelers Spain
Blue Heelers United Kingdom
Blue Heelers Japan
Boys in Blue Australia
Kisvárosi zsaruk Hungary
Policjanci z Mt. Thomas Poland
Sectia de politie Romania
Super Esquadra Portugal
Блу хилеры Russia

Children's Cast:

Emily Browning [12] Hayley Fulton (TV Episode: Role Model) (2000)
Jeffrey Walker [14] Rowdy Yates / Tim Sullivan (TV Episode: A Fair Crack of the Whip: Part 1) (1996)
Lee Cormie [10] Michael Kennedy (TV Episode: Down in the Forest) (2002)
Bethany Fisher [13] Freya Jacobs (TV Episode: Warm Blood) (2005)
Hannah Greenwood [15] Beth Kalloway / Emily Larson (TV Episode: Of Middle Eastern Appearance) (2002)
Aljin Abella [15] Jai Jai (TV Episode: Leg Work) (2000)
Glenn Meldrum [17] Todd Gilmore (TV Episode: A Knife for a Knife) (2003)
Thomas M. Wright [17] Mitch Carlson (TV Episode: The Good Kid) (2000)
Nicholas Donaldson Brett Smith (TV Episode: Child's Play) (2005)
Eliza Taylor [15] Tatum O'Hara (TV Episode: Cast the First Stone) (2004)
Daniel Daperis [7] Jason Sommers / Matthew Roper (TV Episode: The Game) (1995)
Louis Corbett Rory Hayes / Thomas Gills (TV Episode: One Day More: Part 2) (2004)
Orpheus Pledger Olek Jasinski / Scott Robbins (TV Episode: Going Down Swinging) (2002)
Thomas Blackburne Mark Hobson / Steve Wilson (TV Episode: Boys Will Be Boys) (1998)
Angus McLaren [15] Max Harrison / Brad Delaney (TV Episode: The Sum of the Parts) (2003)
Ryan Corr [16] Zac Bronski (TV Episode: Playing by the Book) (2005)
Sianoa Smit-McPhee [12] Charlie Campbell (TV Episode: One of the Boys) (2004)
Martin Sharpe Shrug Ruggles / Jamie Rix (TV Episode: Special Treatment) (2002)
Alex Breden Kai Gibson (TV Episode: Father's Day: Part 2) (2003)
Gus Upchurch Kieran Hadley (TV Episode: Chocolate Sardines) (2003)
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