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Welkom bij de Romeinen (mini)

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2014 October, 4
25 minutes
Production Company:

''Welkom bij de Romeinen'', (English: "Meet the Romans''), is a sort of sequel to "Welcome in the (Dutch) Golden Age". Presenter interviews the key figures in Roman history, reporting on the past as if it was happening today. I've got five words for this and those are: The British Do This Better. Whether it's Monty Python (or the obscure Complete And Utter History), Blackadder, or Horrible Histories, all of them are better than this mediocre attempt to be funny. To be fair, although they also get a few facts completely wrong, on the whole it's informative for children. As said before, I just didn't like the humour; the constant cries of "Applause!" were pretty annoying also. - IMDb

Welkom bij de Romeinen Netherlands

Children's Cast:

Thor Braun [14] Romeinse Jongen / Romulus Augustulus / Romeinse jongen (TV Episode: Caesar en Cleopatra) (2014)
Teun Stokkel [13] Gaius (TV Episode: Ovidius) (2014)