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Poisonous kiss

Director: Chen Xingzhong
Year: 1992
Country: China
Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi / Horror

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Stormy night, a small family ushered in a new life. Before the parents enjoyed the fruits of happiness, tragedy struck unexpectedly. When his Mother kissed the newborn she died suddenly. His father had licked the baby's bottle and he died an inexplicable death. The beautiful nurse Lin Nan (Yan Qing ornaments) feels sorry for the poor little boy, so she takes him home to give him support. She soon found that the father (Gao Ming ornaments) keeps a small pet who also has a sudden death. Through the study of the boy (Wu Bo) it is discovered that his parents worked in the chemical plant all year round and their bodies were stagnated with of a large amount of toxic substances which eventually led to the boy from birth to have a body filled with highly toxic Poison. Every day of heavy rain, the boy's body enhances with toxicity and his body will grow. As he is more and more toxic, people began to die. The boy is in pain and his life is destined to be a tragedy.

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