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Mosby's Marauders

Mosby's Marauders (USA)
Willie and the Yank: The Mosby Raiders (USA)

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1967 March, 17
80 minutes

young Private in the Confederate army, Willie Prentiss (Kurt Russell at about 16 years old), is assigned to guard a remote river outpost during the American Civil War. Lonely Willie becomes pals with his Union army counterpart, Corporal Jenkins (James MacArthur) and they talk across the river. They hold shooting contests, and trade tobacco for coffee. Spoiler alert, you may want to jump to the next paragraph if you do not want to know some key plot elements. One day Willie accidentally shoots his own commander, Lt. Mosby (Jack Ging), and the Corporal helps him escape court martial by disguising him as a injured Yankee. Willy is shot sneaking home, but manages to make it. He lands up joining the marauders in one exciting caper after another and rejoins Mosby in trying to capture a Union General. In another plot twist, Corporal Jenkins is captured, and is soon in love with Willies cousin. An enjoyable story with tons of twists and turns. - IMDb

Mosby's Marauders USA
Mosby's Marauders United Kingdom
Mosby's Raiders - Armee der Gesetzlosen West Germany
Willie and the Yank: The Mosby Raiders USA

Children's Cast:

Kurt Russell [16] Willie Prentiss
Michael Kearney [11] Homer Prentiss